Awakening Richard Sylvester

The Awakening of Richard Sylvester 

This was not an experience. It was not something that happened to a person in time but nevertheless we have to use language to talk about it so let me try to describe it even though it’s indescribable.

What was seen in that disappearance was that awareness is everything and everywhere. There is only awareness and awareness arises as everything. So ‘I’ and ‘you’, ‘here’ and ‘there’, ‘now’ and ‘then’, all lost their meaning. Awareness was seen to be both where the person was and where the walls were and in the space in between. Actually separation was seen to be non-existent so it is misleading to talk about a separate person and walls and the space in between. And there’s no way I can explain the next thing I’m going to say. All I can do is report on it. What was seen as well was that awareness is also unconditional love. Everything is unconditional love. This is undeniable when liberation is seen.

This way of seeing lasted for a certain amount of time during which all sense of localisation ended. So there was no person anywhere, there was simply awareness. There was no sense at all of a separate person. Yet the physical body was able to negotiate space without bumping into things with no difficulty (laughs). Then after a time the sense of localisation returned and there was once more a body-mind occupying a particular space. But the sense of a contracted separate individual, the sense of separation, had ended. I can’t explain this, all I can do is report on it. Although the sense of a localised body-mind returned, there was no sense after that of searching for anything anymore. Seeking had ended. It was seen that there was nothing to seek. What could there be to seek when there is already only liberation and ‘I’ am already that. ‘I’ am already the light in which everything arises and so are you.

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