Awakening Bobby Meizer

The Awakening of Bobby Meizer


After a few minutes John's attention moved to me and he asked me why I'd come. So I framed my question for him pretty much as I have here, and he replied by telling me what Bob Adamson had told him (actually, asked him). Bob asked him if he knew what Nisargadatta was talking about, what Ramana was talking about, and John (Wheeler), after 15 years of studying the stuff, had to admit that the answer was no, not really.


As John was telling me about it I had to make the same admission to him. Then Bob had asked him, and John asked me, "Do you exist?" I had to agree; it seemed like the only thing I knew for sure. Then Bob/John asked, "Do you have awareness?", and I was immediately conscious of spacetime, of the room, of my body, of my consciousness, and I had to say that yes, I have awareness, and I’m aware of it. "That’s it!" Bob/John declared, "That’s what they’re talking about." I was enlightened by this.


John continued on talking to me after that about something or other, but what else is there really to say. I’m enlightened. I don’t need advaita chitchat any more. After a few more minutes another fellow entered and was introduced; I took it as my opportunity to try to gracefully exit, though it surprised them nonetheless. I heard them laughing as I went out. "That must be a record!" one said.


Later on I found this in Sarlo’s review of Bob Adamson, "Nisargadatta told him the greatest help that can be given to anyone is to take them beyond the need for further help." Thanks John, for the greatest help. Bob should be very proud of you.


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Just found your site and went to the John Wheeler listing. Regarding the story [above] from the man who "got it" from / thru John Wheeler also happened to me.

I met John last month. Sat there and listened for 5 minutes and BOOM! I am SO grateful to him. I jokingly refer to him as my "five-minute guru."

Tom Burns