The Awakening of Aruna Byers


The actual moment of realization happened while I was having dinner with some Papaji devotees who had been with him for some time. I was telling them how blissful my body felt and how my mind just wouldn't work well enough to write Papaji a letter.

In a soft and gentle voice the man sitting across from me said, " The bliss you are feeling doesn’t mean a thing. It will eventually leave. Go to the source of your thoughts and you will know who you are."

I focused my attention inward to find that place where my thoughts were coming from. Suddenly I knew, without a doubt, that every thought I ever had was only my imagination. It was so clear. In that moment the whole story of "me and my life" disappeared into silence. All that remained was Papaji’s laughter.

In one moment in time, everything I had ever believed to be true fell away. In an instant I knew that Truth was something very different than all of those beliefs. I knew it because I had a direct experience of Truth that consumed every belief as well as my previous identity. I was also shown how everyone and everything is interconnected in One consciousness.

My mind became totally quiet. The chatter that had been giving counsel as long as I could remember went on permanent vacation. There was a peace I had never known, and laughter flowed easily in ways I had not experienced before. I knew I was love and my sole purpose in a body was to love. The depression that weighed me down for years was replaced by a bliss that was not limited to the physical. This bliss made physical bliss seem irrelevant. I had met my True Nature – the divine Self.

I awakened from a dream, and that dream was the story of my life. I now knew it was just a dream so I could no longer accept it as reality. My reality was suddenly different and I didn’t have a clue how to function in it.



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