Awakening Julie Sarah-Powell

The awakening of Julie Sarah-Powell


In her book "A Story Of A Changed Life" Julie says…

"It felt like the void had opened up in front of me and at any moment the chair could flip forward and I would fall into nothing. The far reaching reverberations on the sense of self were to a depth that cannot be explained. The whole package of the person, which I knew to be me, myself, and I, was like a hall of mirrors. These mirrors created thousands of reflections that went on and on into infinity. Into the past and the future, and flashing in all directions. It felt that a shard of glass had been shoved through the central mirror that created the reflections and had touched to the very core of my being."

Then just over three weeks later…

"After some while it felt as if the abyss of nothingness, or void, had opened up in front of me again, as it had just over three weeks before. I immediately felt the whole package of the person automatically surrender without an ounce of fear. The possibility of dying was a natural next step. I knew that all I had ever truly wanted was to effortlessly give it all up and drown in the Oneness of God. The feeling of divine love embraced me and pulled me into itself. 

Then, gently, all of the build-up of the mind-body package that I knew to be me, myself, and I seemed to slip off and was moved out of the body and off to the side. It was sort of floating to the left. That is where the package stayed for a few moments, then the eyes opened and it was as if nothing had changed, yet with the feeling that everything had transformed irreversibly. I was left utterly unable to place what had actually happened, and with no desire to place it."

After a brief period of adjustment Julie was reoriented to the world in a new way and began to relate to all in a completely real and spontaneous manner.

Julie says…

"To begin with the body was permanently filled with what had now become the usual quiet joy, peace, love, space, isness, which is the base of everything. It felt as if every cell of the body was in complete harmony and each cell seemed to be emanating gratitude. Although it was just the naturally functioning senses and nothing more. Again, this is very difficult to describe to others, because the mind immediately turns it into something else. It simply means seeing, tasting, touching, hearing, feeling everything as it is, in this moment. Without the veil of the mind creating something over the top. 

Then that became ordinary and it wasn't noticed anymore."


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